martedì 21 aprile 2009

Arch Linux 2009.04

Ragazzi per chi ne avesse voglia è disponibile la versione di test dell'immagine 2009.04 di Arch ecco il link per il download: click


- kernel usage
- pacman 3.2.2 usage
- RAM recommendations:
* arch or arch64 boot image
160 MB RAM i686/x86_64 (all packages selected, with swap partition)
* lowmem or lowmem64 boot image
64 MB RAM i686/x86_64 (all packages selected, with swap partition)

- fixed network settings in rc.conf on ftp install and dhcp
- fixed use mirror from ftp install
- fixed broken memtest binary
- fixed broken dmraid

New Setup Features:
- Added consistent menu dialog switching
- Added software raid, lvm2 and luks encrytpion creation support to setup
- Added new autoconfiguration of mkinitcpio.conf
- Added ntfs creation support in CD installation,
(uses ntfs-3g, which is not supported in ftp installation mode!)
- Added root password dialog instead of plain shell dialog
- Added ext4 support

Environment changes:
- added virtio kernel modules for virtualization
- added crda for correct wireless support
- added ntfs-3g support

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